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Welcome to Service Focus Ltd

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Two people bumping elbows instead of shaking hands during Covid-19
Will the elbow bump be the handshake of the future?

I think for anyone who has lived through 2020, this picture speaks volumes and will serve as both a welcome and a light hearted reminder of the weird and wonderful world of the Covid-19. At the time of writing this, things are 'better' but by no means 'best'.

Perhaps a weird time to start up my webpage again? Maybe so, but if nothing else the current situation brings sharp focus (a Service Focus if you will) to the fact that time is precious and you will never have enough of it. With that in mind, I am hoping to start developing this further as and when I have the time.

What is Service Focus? Essentially its a business name I chose many years ago when the industry was, in my opinion, far too focussed on technology and tin. I am pleased to say that in the main things have moved on in my desired direction, but are no means perfect. I had intended to branch out into the world of consultancy but time and tide waits for no-one and here we are some 15 years later with me gainfully employed (and counting blessings for it) still within the realms of Service Management. This site is therefore a 'presence' for me within in our industry and an opportunity to connect should you wish to do so.

I hope you find something of interest here over time and please do feel free to get in touch through the usual channels.

Until then stay safe and well and I look forward to speaking to you in the future!

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